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ParentLink Users,



Student schedules, grades and attendance are now available in ParentLink.   If you have questions concerning your child’s schedule, please contact your child’s school.  Thank you for your patience as everyone prepares for the new school year.   



Teachers and Principals use ParentLink all year long to communicate important information directly to you. ParentLink is also used by the District to communicate with you in the event of a school-wide or district-wide emergency or urgent event.   The ParentLink system uses your contact information at the school.  Therefore, please take a few minutes this year to check with each child’s school to make sure your contact information, such as your telephone number and email, is up-to-date.



The format for the Parent logon is as follows:

·        User name is the Student ID of the eldest child in the School District, living in the student’s household, followed by the parent’s first and last initial.  The student’s household includes all students living at the same address, with the same home phone number. 

·        The password is the birth date of the student whose ID was used for the User name, in the format of MMDDYY.


For example:

o   If the Student ID of Jane Doe's eldest child in the household is 12345678, Jane Doe’s user name would be 12345678JD

o   If the birthdate of Jane Doe's eldest child is January 1, 1965, Jane Doe’s password would be 010165



The format for the Student logon is as follows:

·        User name is the Student ID

·        The password is the birth date of student, in the format of MMDDCCYY


Please remember to change your password after logging on for the first time.

Thank you and we hope you are having a wonderful school year!


The School District of Lee County

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